Friday, October 23, 2009

@*#!* Wife Knows Everything II

I guess you should know that my wife has a bachelor's degree in psychology, which could explain why she knows everything. I'll use an example from this morning.

I'm fresh out of the shower and she tells me, "your eyes are red; you look like the devil." Then she notes that if our daughter was a four-year-old and heard that statement, she would have gone to school and told her friends: "my mommy said my daddy was the devil."

And because !#*#! wife knows everything, here's how she said the kids would have reacted: "wow, where does your dad keep his pitchfork;?" "can your dad turn his head around in a full circle;?" "what does he do with his tail when he puts his pants on?"

Well, we all know how kids are, and these things certainly "could" have been said. But because @*#!* wife knows everything, these words must be so.

I'm not sure how this links, but she then went on to tell me that the "new" thing now is "intuitive intelligence." (She's been reading 'O' magazine from cover to cover.) I asked her if intuitive intelligence could be what we know as the tool that seniors have used all of their lives to survive?

Her retort: "Yeah, I think it's just another way of saying trust your #*#@! instincts." Hmmm. I don't know.

Here's what Francis Cholle had to say about intuitive intelligence.

Which would you value most: the intuitive intelligence of today's seniors; or that of Mr. Cholle? (who I hadn't heard of until now)

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  1. I take it @*#!* Wife said, last October, that you'd lose interest in your blog. I'm all caught up on what you've written, and it's really good. So, it's time for you to prove @*#!* Wife wrong.