Friday, June 4, 2010

Black Women, White Men: Need A Plan?

After hearing news reports today about interracial marriages and how African American women are getting the short end of the stick, my wife, who @*#! Knows Everything, sounded off: "Black women need to get more aggressive with white men," she says.

It's her view that black women empower white men. But white men, she says, don't know how to approach black women. She surmises that this inability could be the result of a lack of interaction between sisters and white men, or unfounded beliefs that white men have about black women -- stereotypes. And the only solution to that, she says, is for blacks and whites to get to know one another better and to overcome the schisms.

"Well, honey, what about black men and white women," I ask. She responds: "That's fantasy land." She makes her point by brining up the old Cadillac commercial; the one where the black man buys the car and asks the dealer "where's the white woman?"

"O-Kay," I say. (that's for a future posts)

"Well, what should black women be doing, baby?"

"There's no need for black women to get angry," she says, "they need to get a plan. They need to be more proactive and less reactive."


"Yes, if I was single (and couldn't find a black man) it would be open season on white men."

Okay. Well let's hear what the people have to say about this. Should single black women become more aggressive toward white men? Do they need a plan?