Friday, April 17, 2009

Snapshot Number Two

I think you can tell a lot about a person if you know a little about the people who rear them.

My parents were hard-working people. Without ever saying it, they set the tone for what was expected in a life of work. My late father was a classic entrepreneur. Known throughout East St. Louis as the owner of "Honey Dew Hamburgers," (that's where I got my nickname, Honeydew) he was a genius. Ray Kroc may have made a fortune from his burgers, but they couldn't touch my dads. A fun-loving character and a committed father, he always stressed the value of education. He was a star pitcher on the Negro League circuit, (he could have played pro according to our neighbor, Negro League legend Sam Taylor) but it didn't happen. He did, however, produce at Triple Crown-winning Khoury Leaguer, me, who was destined to make it to the majors. That didn't happen either. But teaching me how to learn was one of his biggest gifts to me. (you'll have to wait for the book to hear more)

My mother, who we currently deem as a diva, is what every mother strives to be: loving and caring. As her "only son," she showed me, by example, how a lady earns a reputation for style and class. A beautiful and woman and a determined provider, she instilled the importance of respect -- for myself and for others. And if that respect wasn't properly shown, she was pretty good at placing the leather on the rear end. (sometimes a switch) As the #1 cashier at B&H Meats in East St. Louis, she was known city-wide for her quick wit and pleasant demeanor. All that experience has made her a top flea market saleswoman, whose never too far away from a stroll down the "runway" during her fashion diva moments.

Again, if you look at those who brought me into the world, you will see how I've acquired my outlook on the world. In a nutshell, it's work hard, do something significant, and have some fun!

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